Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This year I did my internship at ZARA France from the INDITEX Group, in Paris.
At the end of this week, I will have done 9 weeks of work, and I really need some vacation!

It was funny to see the other side of a store. You know, when you are in a shop, you just walk, take the clothes you like, try them (or not) and go to the register.
But during this 2 months I did all of those details that we do not take care as a customer: I work in an office not in a shop, but I have to call the stores in the all the country, and be sure that they do not need any curriculums, or have to hire people...

As I work in the Human Resources Dpt, we look at curriculums everyday, all the time! We have to call the candidates, see what kind of jobs they are looking for, etc. We also organize some group interviews to place the appliants into the stores which needed some help.

There is also another side of this job, because we organize a party, and create a journal only for the siege and the French ZARA stores.

I also see for doing my next internship in this company in Manhattan...
All of the details about this project later ;) !


Manhattan - New York


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  2. Thank you Honey =)
    Yeah ZARA is great!!

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